Dhanesh Kumar MJ

Phases.io's Senior Software Engineer, Umbraco Code Contributor, and Meetup Organizer sharing insights and expertise.

Dhanesh Kumar MJ is a passionate .Net Developer specializing in web development, with a primary focus on harnessing the power of Umbraco as the central CMS. As an active Umbraco code contributor, Dhanesh Kumar MJ brings a unique perspective to the development landscape, enhancing the platform's capabilities through valuable contributions.

In addition to their coding expertise, Dhanesh Kumar MJ is the dedicated organizer of the Kerala Umbraco User Group, fostering a vibrant community of Umbraco enthusiasts. Through this role, they facilitate knowledge-sharing sessions, discussions, and collaborations, further enriching the Umbraco ecosystem.

With a strong foundation in .Net development and a deep understanding of Umbraco's intricacies, Dhanesh Kumar MJ is dedicated to sharing insights and best practices. Their talks revolve around leveraging Umbraco's potential for streamlined web development, offering actionable tips and strategies for fellow developers.

Past sessions:

Growing a successful meetup group

Growing a successful meetup group

A discussion panel with organisers from the Manchester, Bristol, and Kerala...

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Dhanesh Kumar MJ Dhanesh Kumar MJ
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